Let aBreevy8 type it for you instead.

Instead of typing the same things over and over, type them once into aBreevy8 – along with a short abbreviation. Then, whenever you type one of those abbreviations in the future, aBreevy8 will automatically replace it with the longer text for you instantly, in any app!

Our text expander will immediately increase your typing speed, accuracy, and efficiency exponentially; eliminate typos, repetition, and stress; and save you upwards of hundreds of hours a year. Your search for the ultimate productivity app for Windows is finally over.

No learning curve – start using it effectively in 30 seconds or less. Guaranteed.

Looking for aBreevy8 Portable?
A screenshot of aBreevy8's main window.
Already an existing Breevy user?

Perfect! aBreevy8 will automatically detect your existing Breevy abbreviations and if you give it the OK, will import them for you instantly, so you'll be up and running in aBreevy8 and back to work within seconds.

Wondering what's new? We're glad you asked:

  • Finally added support for bold, italic, and underlined text!
  • Vary8tions - assign different expansions to the same aBreevy8tion for variety!
  • An optional Dark Mode, plus other theming / font size options.
  • Introduced Turbo Mode, which makes aBreevy8 faster than ever before.
  • A faster and greatly improved Search Bar.
  • Added a statistics counter to track how much typing aBreevy8 has saved you (hint: tons).
  • Tons of speed and reliability improvements.
  • Tons of fit and finish improvements. (We spent dozens of hours obsessing over tiny details.)
... and so much more, with even more to come. Upgrade from Breevy to aBreevy8 now to start enjoying all these improvements immediately!

If you can type it, you can aBreevy8 it.

Names, addresses, phone numbers. Usernames, favorite websites. Difficult-to-spell words. Customer support helpdesk responses. Code snippets. Typos. Medical transcription terminology. EMR/EHR data. Commonly sent e-mails. Web forms and Skype/Zoom/Slack chat responses. Sentences, paragraphs, pages and everything in between. The list goes on.

Why type them out yourself every time? Start typing faster and increase your WPM overnight – and help mitigate RSI / repetitive strain injury – by letting the best text expansion tool in town (if we do say so ourselves), aBreevy8, do all the heavy lifting – er, typing – for you. 💪⌨️

If you can type it, you can aBreevy8 it – and save a ton of time in the process. Guaranteed.

A GIF of aBreevy8 being used in Notepad.

Simple. Easy. Fast.

aBreevy8 is so intuitive and easy to use, it almost seems too good to be true. But why shouldn’t software be this straightforward? Here’s how it works:

Click New aBreevy8tion.

You’re almost done already!

Enter an abbreviation and your desired replacement.
For example, .eml ➡️ firstname.lastname@myemail.com, or /sig ➡️ Thanks, Jonathan Dough CEO, My Cool Etsy Store +1.555.867.5309
Type any of your abbreviations. Anywhere.

aBreevy8 will automatically replace and expand whatever abbreviation you type with the corresponding replacement text you assigned to it. In any app. Instantly.

Features? Yes. Here are just a few:

Easy to Use

We spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning the interface from the ground up to ensure even the most novice of beginners can start using aBreevy8 effectively in two minutes or less.

Lightning Fast

Go ahead, abbreviate a 10,000 word essay - it'll expand it just as quickly as your favorite e-mail signature.

Launch Apps Too

aBreevy8 also lets you assign abbreviations to your favorite applications and websites, so you can launch them instantly too.


Optional advanced features - for those that want them - include dynamic re-useable fill-in fields; clipboard, date, and time insertion; manual keypress simulation; and more, with even more to come soon!

Typo AutoCorrection Built-In

Includes a set of over 6,500 Typo AutoCorrections (and over 13,500 abbreviations for medical transcriptionists) to ensure you'll never misspell a word again. Unless you want to.

Cloud Sync

With built-in optional Cloud Sync, automatic and seamless access to the same abbreviations on every computer you use is just a click away.

Use On All of Your Computers

With per-user licensing (rather than per-computer), one low fee covers one user on all of your computers.

Team Sharing

Work on a team? We've got you covered there too, with TeamShare folders that can easily be shared and instantly updated whenever changes are made.

New Formatting Capabilities

aBreevy8 now directly supports formatting, so you can easily add (and see) bolding, italics, underline, emojis, and more!

Free Support

We're so confident that aBreevy8 will be one of the easiest apps you've ever used, in the unlikely event you need help, we offer free USA-based customer support - whether you've been with us for 15 years, or are just trying it out for the first time today.

New Built-in Updater

Got an update notification? No worries. Now you can quickly and easily update to the latest version from directly within aBreevy8 in just two clicks.

Made in the USA

aBreevy8 is proudly 100% owned, operated, supported, and Made in the USA - Pennsylvania to be exact.

Relied upon for 15 years... and counting.

aBreevy8 – formerly known as Breevy – is a major productivity enhancer that has been relied upon and trusted by thousands of individuals, hospitals, tech companies, customer support teams, charities, authors, editors, journalists, medical transcriptionists, courtroom reporters, law offices, teachers, professors, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, and everyone in between for 15 years – and counting!